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Effective Ways to Darken Your Bedroom Windows

Are you one of the many people who love natural light flowing through your home? Lots of people covet the natural light from the sun and want it to shine all day long within their living spaces. Sunshine can make us feel happy and energized, but in reality, there are certain times and situations when a dark environment is needed or preferred.

Bedroom with closed, room darkening, Banded shades, with black frames on window.

Bedroom with closed, room darkening, Banded shades, with black frames on window.

You don’t have to have one or the other, however. There are a number of ways to create a dark space when needed or let the sun shine through as you please. If you have been searching for some effective ways to darken your spaces, like your bedroom windows, let Alta help. We have many suggestions for you to consider when you are wondering how to darken your bedroom windows.

Why Would I Darken A Room?

Darkening the rooms in your home can be, at times, very beneficial. Covering the windows might enhance your TV or movie-watching experience or maybe help your child take a nap. Blocking some of the sunlight filtering into your home can also help keep your home cooler in the summer and possibly reduce utility bills. 

Most importantly, many people need a dark space in order to get proper rest. You may work a night shift and need to get sleep during the day, or you may find unwanted light filtering through your space even at night (moonlight, streetlights, lights from cars, etc.). Whether you are sensitive to light or are just looking to improve the quality of your sleep, knowing how to darken your bedroom windows will allow you to get the rest you need. 

Ways to Darken Your Bedroom Windows

There are several products that Alta offers to help you darken the rooms in your home. When you are searching for various products, keep in mind the existing aesthetic in the room. Take the opportunity to add to the preexisting design of your spaces. Whether you have a classic style or a bit of contemporary flare, here are some popular options for you to consider. 

1 | Shades

You might consider Honeycomb, Roller, Banded or room darkening Sheer shades if you are thinking about how to darken your bedroom windows. Shades give warmth and sophistication to the bedroom as well as insulation. The blackout fabric, designs, and options are there for you to discover. 

From a design perspective, you can choose to add texture to your bedroom space and enhance your existing design, whether it be classically comfortable or has a bit of a modern twist. You will even have the chance to pair the blinds with other various window coverings to create an even more effective way to darken your bedroom windows.  

Bedroom with closed, room darkening Sheer shadings.

2|  Blinds

Another great option to consider in your search for how to darken your bedroom windows would be to install custom window blinds. These window coverings offer the best of both worlds. Let the light shine through whenever you want, or close them up and efficiently block out the unwanted light. They also offer the incredible benefit of privacy which is a must-have for bedroom spaces. With blinds, there are over 100 color choices at your fingertips.

3| Child-Safe Window Coverings

If you are questioning how to darken your bedroom windows in your child’s bedroom or play spaces, Alta has designed several child-safe window treatments. With these, there is no need for concern that is typically associated with cords or hanging strings. 

There are many cordless and motorized products you can install in your child’s bedroom designed to prevent accidental injury. We all want a safe, calm, and, at times, dark bedroom environment for our children, especially at nap or bedtime. With Alta child-safe window treatment options, you can have all of that and more! 

Room darkening honeycomb shades in a baby nursery.

4 | French and Sliding Doors

Does your bedroom happen to have French Doors or Sliding doors that lead out to a patio or courtyard? This can definitely be a challenge if you are wondering how to darken your bedroom windows. These types of window openings make for an elegant design but can fill the room with harsh sunlight because of how they open and close. Fortunately, Alta has a number of options and helpful suggestions for covering up these unique windows and openings. Learn more about our solutions for French and sliding doors here.

Bedroom with room darkening honeycomb TriLight on window and honeycomb vertical application on sliding door.

It’s Time For Better Sleep

Nothing impacts your day more than the amount and quality of sleep that you had the night or the day before. When people think about healthier living, they always put their diets and exercise first, but sleep is just as important. 

No matter what time of day or night you want to sleep, you should have the chance to create the dark and quiet room necessary for a great uninterrupted sleep. So ask yourself, is your bedroom space conducive to a good night’s rest? Are temperature, noise, or light issues interrupting your sleep? Stop worrying about how to darken your bedroom windows, and let Alta help. 

It’s time to create the ideal environment in your bedroom for a well-deserved night’s rest. Let’s reduce the noise, darken the room, and give ourselves the best chance to stay healthy. 

Alta is committed to exceeding customer expectations by providing quality products and services.

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