Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the Alta window treatment that’s right for me?

There are three main factors to consider when choosing custom window treatments; function, fashion, and budget. At Alta we offer many product offerings that encompass all of these factors. Consumers often cite the following functional features as their primary reasons for investing in window coverings: privacy, security, light control, UV protection, and energy efficiency. To find the products suited to your individual needs it is best to consult with an authorized Alta dealer, they will help you to balance the factors of function, fashion and budget.

What are the differences between custom and ready-made window blinds?

Custom-made blinds are manufactured to your specifications to fit your window opening exactly; they feature the highest quality components and come in a wide variety of colours and materials. Ready-made blinds are the choice of budget conscious consumers; they are manufactured in various standard sizes and in a limited number of colours & options.

Do you have products that are fire resistant?

We have a variety of roller shades, and panel track fabrics in our Alta product offerings that are rated for their fire resistance. Our Eclipse Shutter are also a fire rated product.

I’ve heard in the news that the cords from blinds can pose a risk to children & pets, how can I protect my children from this risk?

Alta has been a leader in the Canadian Industry ensuring that our blinds are equipped with the latest child safety features. We also offer many cordless & automated shades to protect children & pets from this strangulation hazard. For more information, please contact your local dealer.

How do I get repairs for my Alta blind?

The first step is to contact your authorized Alta dealer where you purchased your blind to determine if the repair is covered under our industry leading limited lifetime warranty. When this has been determined, the dealer is issued a return number, which is used to track your repair when it is returned to Alta. The costs of shipping and installation are not the responsibility of Alta or its dealers.

I’ve heard from friends about a blind that you can see out but people cannot see in. What product is that and how does it work?

Many sheer reflective products have the characteristics that when the light hits the surface it is reflected away giving the illusion of opacity, much like the window tint used in the automotive industry today. However when the light source is reversed at night with artificial light illuminating the inside of your home, the opposite becomes true. People can see in but you cannot see out due to the light reflecting off the surface.

How do I clean my custom window treatments from Alta?

There are different cleaning methods suggested for each of our many product categories. When you receive your custom blind from Alta, it will be supplied with specific instructions for its care and maintenance so you can enjoy a lifetime of service from your window treatments.