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Sheer Shadings

Bright and airy mid-century modern living room featuring motorized sheer shadings. Perfect for light control, privacy andand cord-free safety for children and pets.

Light control with ease and elegance

Our Sheer Shadings combine the beauty of a light filtering sheer with the function of a blind for a soft glow that you control. Fabric vanes are suspended between two sheer panels for nuanced brightness. During the day, tilt the vanes open so you can see out while still enjoying privacy. At night, tilt the vanes closed and voila…privacy assured.

Vertical Shadings

Complement your horizontal sheer shadings with coordinating vertical shadings. Get the look of soft drapes with the performance of blinds, the perfect window treatment for sliding glass doors.

  • Rotate the vanes to maximize the view or minimize the light.

  • Add privacy without losing your easy outdoor access. 

  • Added UV protection — your furniture and floors will thank you.

Colors & Fabrics

Uniquely designed, our fabrics show no wavy distortion (called moiré), usually found with layered sheers. Colors remain vibrant while diffused light fills your room. No moiré, no problems.

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