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Somfy® Automation – What's New

View and/or download the Somfy Zigbee Rev B system overview here.

Streamlined from start to finish – Introducing Somfy Zigbee Rev B

We’re thrilled to introduce the revolutionary new Somfy TaHoma® Zigbee Rev B technology to our automation lineup. Featuring the same basic foundations of Zigbee PLUS some exciting new enhancements.

Zigbee Rev B Features:

  • TaHoma Pro app allows for standalone programming, plus simplified set up

  • Enhanced TaHoma app gives end users the ability to connect, control and customize effortlessly

  • Bi-directional for battery status and shade feedback

  • Ysia remote offers direct control at the touch of a button

  • Troubleshoot post-sale with the new Serv-e-Go tool

  • Openness of the Zigbee protocol

1 brand new Zigbee Rev B motor:

  • Sonesse® 30 24V Zigbee DC Dual Shades, Roller Shades

3 existing motors updated to Zigbee Rev B:

  • Sonesse 28 WireFree Zigbee Li-ion Dual Shades, Roller Shades, Sheer Shadings

  • Sonesse 28 WireFree Zigbee DCDual Shades, Roller Shades, Sheer Shadings

  • Sonesse ULTRA 30 WireFree Zigbee Li-ion Dual Shades, Roller Shades

Click here to see the entire Sonesse Zigbee Rev B motor offering.

NEW! TaHoma Pro App (New for Installers)

  • Allows for standalone installation, does not require a TaHoma Switch

  • Replaces Set & Go app for programming and set up of Zigbee Rev B motors

  • The workflow makes for an easier installer experience; all programming is done through the app

  • Utilizes Bluetooth to program 1 device at a time to minimize errors

  • Subaccounts can be instantly created for multiple installers within the same company

  • “Configure a motor” feature allows for simple and straightforward adjustment of products

  • Important TaHoma Pro Tip: Registration is required to access the app and can take 24-48 hours to approve. Find out more here

Enhanced TaHoma App (For end users)

  • Bi-directional communication allows for positional feedback as well as battery charge

  • End user app allows for full automation: scenes, timers, third-party integration

  • Use with TaHoma Switch for remote access while at home or away

NEW! TaHoma Switch

  • Only 1 TaHoma Switch is needed per project!

  • Create an ideal setting with up to 60 Somfy-powered Zigbee window coverings and up to 40 channels of RTS

  • Maximize energy savings and privacy while controlling glare by creating timed events to automatically position Zigbee Rev B or RTS window coverings as desired

  • Compatible with most third-party Home Automation systems

  • Works with IFTTT, Phillips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Google Assistant and more

  • Compatible voice assistants include Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit (where applicable)

  • The ethernet adaptor allows for direct wired connection to the internet for optimum connection

Hand holding the Somfy Ysia 5 channel remote in front of a Banded Shade.

NEW! Ysia Zigbee Remote

  • Available as 1 channel or 5 channel

  • Can work as standalone for direct control of Zigbee Rev B window coverings

  • Offers TaHoma App functionality such as channel selection, battery level indicator, over the air updates

  • Simple, intuitive design; MY button saves a favorite position for quick and easy access

  • Control one individual or one group of motorized Zigbee products per channel

  • Uses AAA batteries

NEW! Smart Plug Zigbee Rev B

  • Easy set up in the TaHoma app with the QR code on the plug

  • Remotely control (on/off) lighting and small appliances (<1800W)

  • Create scenes and schedule together with automated shades

  • Extends the Zigbee network range

  • Control on/off locally by pressing the button on the plug


  • View and/or download our Automation Line-Up Quick Guide here.

  • View and/or download the Dealer Tahoma Pro App Guide here.

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