Automation — What’s New

BLISS™ is leading the charge with the return of the Solar Panel and BLISS Sleek motor for small-sized shades.

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BLISS™ Sleek, designed for small-sized shades, is available for Dual Shades, Roller Shades and Window Shadings

  • 1.1 Nm Radio Frequency motor

  • Designed for small-sized shades

  • Available on Dual Shades, Roller Shades, Roller Basics, Window Shadings

  • Requires external rechargeable battery pack

  • Lasts up to 500 up/down cycles on a single charge

  • LED low battery indicator

  • Adjustable speed control: 20 or 24 rpm (default: 28 rpm)

  • Sound level ~46dB

  • Power Supply: External Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • Battery Charger and Solar Panel available

BLISS™ Solar Panel

Utilize sunlight to harvest power for BLISS powered window coverings with the BLISS Solar Panel; compatible with Li-ion motors and external battery pack

  • Utilize sunlight to harvest power for BLISS motorized shades

  • One Solar Panel per shade or blind is needed

  • Easy to install and the low profile design is easy to conceal

  • 5V Charger with renewable solar energy

  • Compatible with BLISS Li-ion motors and BLISS external battery pack

  • Not recommended on north facing window

  • Micro USB charging cable, 59” long (included)

  • Dimensions: 18.7” L x 2” W x .30” D

NEW! Somfy Zibgee

Zigbee is a worldwide “language” that’s fully established in home automation and used with over 300 brands of switches, alarms, lamps, door locks, and many other options

  • % control allows shade to stop at any position

  • Bi-directional communication provides users with constant shade status and battery feedback

  • Mesh network allows AC motors and smart plugs to extend the range

  • Set & Go® Connect App makes programming for installers fast and easy

  • Covers a range of needs and sizes with power options like rechargeable battery and hardwired power

  • New Situo® 1 and 4 Zigbee remote controls available

  • Currently available with Roller Shades, Dual Shades, and Window Shadings

IMPORTANT: All installations must have at least one TaHoma Bridge and most applications will also need Zigbee Smart Plugs. It is not possible to control a Somfy Zigbee motor using a Somfy Zigbee remote without a TaHoma Bridge.

NEW! Somfy Cord Lift WireFree TL25 RTS

  • Extra powerful, yet Designed for Silence

  • Features "dual-shaft" cord lift technology

  • Soft start & stop

  • Adjustable speeds

  • Available as 2-on-1 headrail

  • Power sources: Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack, Single or Dual Reloadable Tube, Plug-in Transformer—power source must be selected when ordering RTS; priced separately

  • Works with all available Somfy remotes, wall switches and TaHoma Bridge

  • Not Zigbee compatible at this time

  • With this addition, Somfy is now offered in all key product categories!

Minimum Width: 18" NET
Maximum Width: 120"
Maximum Height: 108"

NOTE: Square foot restrictions vary by fabric. See reference guides Honeycomb Shades and SoftStyle Shades for details.

Several Somfy automation accessories are returning including:

  • Somfy Rechargeable Battery Pack, Reloadable Battery Wands, Sonesse® 28 WireFree™ RTS External Battery, WireFree™ Li-ion Solar Panel Kit, DC Power Supplies, and more!

  • Plus, hardwired shades will be available again with the Sonesse® 30 RTS 24v, Sonesse® 50 RTS and Sonesse® ULTRA 50 AC